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After Biden’s Oval Office address tonight I am off the news the rest of the week. It is going to be unbearable.
I'm also seeing little apology from the Republicans who were blaming "the radical left" and Democrats on social media for this whole thing since it came to be known this guy was a registered Republican (and apparently an interest in shooting).
The amount of assumption being made by the media with regards to the Trump rally and the shooter are something else. We literally have no information yet but yeah the rhetoric was the cause. OK then.

Micro posts remove from main RSS feed

Just an FYI to anyone following this blog via RSS that I removed micro posts (tagged with "micro") from the main RSS feed to keep things cleaner. They are still available here for anyone interested.

🫏 Bernie is ridin' with Biden.

I'm ridin' with Biden

🫏 Several points for the Democrats who think Biden should drop out of the race or are thinking there might be a way to force him out: 1. He was old during the primaries. You should have primaried him them. 2. You have no mechanism to move delegates to someone else

🚴 🇫🇷 Tadej Pogacar absolutely shredded everyone today at the end of stage 14. Not to mention a masterclass from Team UAE with getting Adam Yates up front to assist Pogacar in the shredding.

Sharing in public: a follow up

It's funny how the universe works. I wrote yesterday some thoughts I'd been having about sharing in public after reading Joan Westenberg's article and then last night I read a post from a person who talked about a recent situation at their job where

🫏 It's interesting to me, I have yet to hear opinions from real people about Biden getting out/staying in the race. It's the celebs and the muckity-mucks in Democratic Party circles and I'd bet good money real people don't care about what
🫏 To the celebrities like Ashley Judd and George Clooney piling on Biden to get out of the race: your opinion on the subject isn't worth more than anyone else's because you're a celebrity.