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RemNote Day 2

Notes on day 2 of using RemNote as my main note-taking app.

Jason Kratz
Jason Kratz
1 min read
  • Obsidian with the ability to have checklists with different styles is still ideal for me. I'm really used to being able to flag items with different statuses in Obsidian with the Minimal theme. No other tools offers that (mostly because Obsidian is so configurable via CSS).
  • Even with the problems with the mobile apps mentioned above they still feel lightyears better than Obsidian mobile.
  • Cut/Copy/Paste in the desktop app is...weird. I can copy a set of todo items and paste into Things but not cut/paste.
  • I wish there was a shortcut for naming links something else like using the | in Obisidian. Links are Rem References but not made the same way which is goofy to me.

One of the nice things about applications like RemNote and LogSeq and their default outline format is being able to easily move stuff around. I'm sure this is possible in Obsidian with a plugin but one of the benefits of not being Markdown-native (in other words just text files) is special handling like this:


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