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RemNote Day 10

So far I'm digging RemNote. They definitely do things a little differently here, templates being one of them. In RemNote you assign templates to tags and apply a tag to a note/document. This is pretty flexible but has also led me to a bug. I have created

RemNote Day 2

Notes on day 2 of using RemNote as my main note-taking app.

Experimenting with note-taking apps

At the mid-point of the year Jason decides to use three different note-taking apps for the next 6 months. Lets see what happens!

Experimenting with note-taking apps

RemNote Day 1

* Love the fact that I can chose the date format for the daily notes, etc. It defaults to "July 1st, 2024" but I prefer using YYYY-MM-DD and this is possible! (unlike Craft) * Looks like they have finally created ways of easily hiding bullets for a whole document (or

1Password is still the best password management tool

A recent conversation had me thinking about password tools and why I've stuck with 1Password ever since I bought it around version 2 almost 20 years ago. There have been a few major changes in those years: 1. Subscription Plans 2. 1Password Cloud 3. Moving to a common

Yet another reason why Brave is the browser you should be using

People seem to have a real love/hate thing with browsers. Everyone has their own feelings as to why their browser is the best whether it's because they think that browser speaks for their ideals (usually the Firefox faithful) or because they hate something else (usually the Firefox

Writing on Ghost with Ulysses and iA Writer

Up until recently this blog was hosted on For various reasons, mostly because I suck at front-end web development, I moved to a PikaPods-hosted version of Ghost where this blog is currently living (and should be living for a long time). Ghost has really good default themes and