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Micro posts remove from main RSS feed

Just an FYI to anyone following this blog via RSS that I removed micro posts (tagged with "micro") from the main RSS feed to keep things cleaner. They are still available here for anyone interested.

Sharing in public: a follow up

It's funny how the universe works. I wrote yesterday some thoughts I'd been having about sharing in public after reading Joan Westenberg's article and then last night I read a post from a person who talked about a recent situation at their job where

Why do we blog?

Joan Westenberg: The habit of constant sharing can also have profound effects on our internal lives. When we’re always performing for an audience, always curating our experiences for public consumption, we’re losing touch with our selves. [...] This constant curation of our lives for public consumption creates a dangerous

Writing on Ghost with Ulysses and iA Writer

Up until recently this blog was hosted on For various reasons, mostly because I suck at front-end web development, I moved to a PikaPods-hosted version of Ghost where this blog is currently living (and should be living for a long time). Ghost has really good default themes and

Notes on migrating Ghost and Mailgun to a new domain

⚠️Old post but still relevant except for the domains I am using. I just moved this blog from to while at the same time moving to using as the domain for Mailgun. My platform for this blog is: 1. Fastmail for my custom

Using "Free" Mailgun with self-hosted Ghost

Just a couple of notes about setting up a Mailgun pay-as-you-go account to use with a self-hosted Ghost setup for things I ran into that weren't obvious to me. Make sure to sign up for the Foundation trial for Mailgun This lets you add a a credit card