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Micro posts remove from main RSS feed

Just an FYI to anyone following this blog via RSS that I removed micro posts (tagged with "micro") from the main RSS feed to keep things cleaner. They are still available here for anyone interested.

I figured out titleless posts!

So excited to have titleless posts working on my now-modified Ubud by Aspire Themes theme for Ghost! Explainer post incoming.

Terrible Ghost UX for scheduling posts

In order to schedule a post apparently we can't just type in a date and time in the post properties: 0:00 /0:25 1× Nope. We have to jump through hoops and do extra clicks to schedule a post: 0:00 /0:12 1× I guess this

New RSS feed

For anyone following this blog via RSS the feed URL has changed due to updates to the theme I'm using: Ubud from Aspire Themes. The URL is now I added 301 redirects but not sure how many RSS readers handle a redirect.

Writing on Ghost with Ulysses and iA Writer

Up until recently this blog was hosted on For various reasons, mostly because I suck at front-end web development, I moved to a PikaPods-hosted version of Ghost where this blog is currently living (and should be living for a long time). Ghost has really good default themes and

How I run this site

I posted yesterday about the big mistake I made which ended up in my blog being deleted. I thought I'd just mention quickly how I've set this up so that it makes more sense. This site runs the blog/newsletter software created by Ghost (technically can

Notes on migrating Ghost and Mailgun to a new domain

⚠️Old post but still relevant except for the domains I am using. I just moved this blog from to while at the same time moving to using as the domain for Mailgun. My platform for this blog is: 1. Fastmail for my custom

Using "Free" Mailgun with self-hosted Ghost

Just a couple of notes about setting up a Mailgun pay-as-you-go account to use with a self-hosted Ghost setup for things I ran into that weren't obvious to me. Make sure to sign up for the Foundation trial for Mailgun This lets you add a a credit card