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RemNote Day 10

So far I'm digging RemNote. They definitely do things a little differently here, templates being one of them. In RemNote you assign templates to tags and apply a tag to a note/document. This is pretty flexible but has also led me to a bug. I have created

RemNote Day 2

Notes on day 2 of using RemNote as my main note-taking app.

Experimenting with note-taking apps

At the mid-point of the year Jason decides to use three different note-taking apps for the next 6 months. Lets see what happens!

Experimenting with note-taking apps

RemNote Day 1

* Love the fact that I can chose the date format for the daily notes, etc. It defaults to "July 1st, 2024" but I prefer using YYYY-MM-DD and this is possible! (unlike Craft) * Looks like they have finally created ways of easily hiding bullets for a whole document (or