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Yes - the US is a two-party system

Jason Kratz
Jason Kratz
1 min read

Joan Westenberg:

But when the criticism morphs into a point-blank refusal to participate in the political process, it becomes ludicrously self-defeating. In a two-party system, opting out of an election or voting third party has the same practical effect as supporting the opposing fucking candidate.

I will never understand the folks that insist this statement isn't true. Vote how you feel! It really isn't a vote for the other guy! It's about your ideals! I've seen a lot of this type of commentary in the notes/comments of Freddie deBoer's articles as of late.

Of course it's a vote for the other guy. Until we have a parliamentary system like Israel or the UK voting for a third party (or sitting out this round), no matter what your ideal, is a vote for the other guy. Leftists can vote for the Green Party all day long but it does nothing but take away votes from the Democratic candidate as the Green Party has no chance to win the Presidency.

A Biden presidency, however imperfect, would still yield material benefits for marginalised groups through policies like transgender rights, a higher minimum wage, debt forgiveness, expanded healthcare access, and action on climate change. Throwing away those gains in order to maintain one's self-image as a righteous revolutionary is the height of privilege and myopia.

💯. There is this odd idea that if we only would vote for their chosen candidate then things would be great. That of course ignores the fact that we've got the rest of the government to deal with too. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face...


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I'm also seeing little apology from the Republicans who were blaming "the radical left" and Democrats on social media for this whole thing since it came to be known this guy was a registered Republican (and apparently an interest in shooting).


The amount of assumption being made by the media with regards to the Trump rally and the shooter are something else. We literally have no information yet but yeah the rhetoric was the cause. OK then.


🫏 Bernie is ridin' with Biden.